I am delighted to have been chosen by Labour party members here in Rossendale and Darwen to be your parliamentary candidate once again.       I have lived in the constituency for 30 years and it is a huge honour to stand for Labour in this seat. 

Under the Tories we have had eight years of austerity. Wages and living standards have fallen, there is a crisis in the NHS, police numbers have been slashed to the lowest levels since the 1970s and crime is rising.

Life in 2018 is tough but things don't have to be like this. Government should make our everyday lives easier, not put constant barriers in our way. A Labour government would build a fairer Britain that works for you and your family.

Over the next few months I will be knocking on doors in your area, keen to talk to you and understand the issues that concern you most.

"We need an MP who is interested in helping you, not someone who says one thing in Westminster and another thing entirely when in Rossendale or Darwen."

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