About me

I came to Rossendale almost 30 years ago with my young son, and I haven’t looked back. I work here, have raised my family here and my grandchildren are growing up here – I love it. Rossendale is a great place to live, full of decent people who care about the area, people who have an opinion and aren’t afraid to voice it. It’s close knit with a strong community spirit. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I have spent enough time in Darwen to see similar characteristics there. Darwen is full of strong people who want the best for Darwen. The people who live in this constituency deserve to be represented by someone who genuinely cares about the area and wants to see it thrive, and not someone who is just interested in advancing their career, and representing their political party. 

The past eight years have been tough. Central government cuts in council budgets mean you get fewer services but are still paying the same out in council tax. Crime figures are up; cuts in education see our children’s schools losing valuable staff; and health services are under more pressure than ever – if an elderly relative falls and needs to go to A&E they are likely to wait a long time on hospital corridor before being seen. Add into this the lack of investment in the region and the Tory government's appallingly bad treatment of the Brexit negotiations and the picture becomes really depressing.  We see all this in one of the richest countries in the world.


It doesn’t need to be like this a Labour Government would change things for the better. Labour would invest in our communities, and make sure that vital services were properly funded, and offer the leadership to help sort out the big issues that face our country.