Crime levels are up 32% in Lancashire

Since the Tories came to power, Lancashire police have lost a huge £69m from their budget. The number of police officers has fallen by 765 and the number of PCSOs has dropped by 159.

This comes as research shows that Crime prevention budgets have also been cut by more than half since the Conservatives came to power as local authority budgets come under huge pressure.

From June to September overall crime increased by 32% and violent crime increased by a staggering 63%.

Violent crime and robbery figures are up in Lancashire, but the Government is still in denial about how its own policies are devastating communities and people’s lives. The Tories have cut funding for police officers. And they’ve also exacerbated all the causes of crime – including inequality and poverty. Combined with poor mental health care and the crisis in our schools, especially school exclusions, this is a recipe for disaster.

Labour will put 10,000 more police on the streets and we’ll reverse the Tory cuts that are contributing to rising crime. You can’t make Lancashire safe on the cheap.

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